Bed, Bath and Change Table -all-in-one!

...added to all its many benefits, the mobile Baby Bassinet lets you transfer Bub straight into a cot at 3-4 months!
  • Safe and sturdy construction makes this a 'hospital choice'
  • Large wheels and brakes safe mobility
  • Convenient multi-purpose function as bath, bassinette and
  • change table is a definite cost saver
  • Delivery and pick up in many areas at 'convenient-to-you' times.

Bassinets & More has 100% customer satisfaction with this product. New mothers love them because it gives them added confidence because the baby is in view at all times. Being mobile, the bassinet can be anywhere you are. Having large wheels, the bassinet moves easily over carpet and any other floor surface with complete safety. Brakes on alternate wheels ensure the bassinet doesn't move when it's not supposed to.

The bassinet makes an ideal first bed because of its mobility - sharing the parents' room at night if required and moved wherever necessary during the day.

Its mobility also allows it to be moved to any convenient tap when being used as a bath. Its sturdy construction and convenience makes this the bassinet of choice in many hospitals maternity units. The multi-purpose adaptability saves parents from buying separate beds and baths for the short term bub needs them.

As a change table, the bassinet offers total safety and ease of use. The baby cannot roll off and all parts of the bassinet are easy to clean.

Hiring the bassinet allows financial savings for parents and means that the item does not have to be stored between babies. Bassinets & More will deliver to any Sydney location at any suitable time - seven days a week... and collect when the bassinet is no longer required.